Top Reasons to Replace your Garage Door

You take pride in your home and work hard to maintain both its integrity and appearance. Although it is a key part of your home, the garage door sometimes falls to the bottom of the “to do” list or gets over looked all together.

Maintaining your garage is equally important as maintaining the rest of your home, especially your garage door. This is the part of your garage that will most frequently need to be repaired or replaced. This is mainly because it is constantly being opened and closed, but much like your front door, it is one of the first things people see when approaching your home.

A professional can assist you in determining if your existing garage door can be repaired or if it should be replaced. Here are some of the top reasons to replace your garage door.

Improved Appearance

If your garage door is old, dated or in disrepair, it can seriously affect the appearance of your home. New modern garage doors come in a wide variety of materials, styles and colors. Choosing one that will blend seamlessly with your home’s style, will significantly improve the appearance of your home.


Top Reasons to Replace your Garage Door

Increased Value

While replacing your old garage door improves the appearance of your home, it will also increase its value. A new modern door will up the curb appeal of your home. Even if you are not currently considering selling your home, it is wise to make improvements that increase its value in the real estate market. Garage doors continue to rate highly in terms of recouping costs on investment, making it one of the better investments you can make in your home.

Reduced Energy Cost

Many of our garages are used for something other than our vehicles or storage. If it functions as a workspace or a play area, you probably heat or cool the garage to make it more comfortable. An older door may not be properly insulated for these purposes resulting in higher energy costs. Replacing your door with a new, completely insulated model will help keep your garage more temperate and you should see a decrease your energy costs each month.

Increased Safety & Security

Even though your existing garage door is functioning, how safe and secure is it? A new model garage door can reduce the risk of personal injury by utilizing a sensor to tell when someone is in its path and reverse or stop its descent. Newer models can also offer sophisticated security options. The easiest way for a thief to get into your home is through your garage. Features such as keypads and security codes can make it almost impossible for an intruder to gain access. A new door can help keep you and your home safe from harm.


Top Reasons to Replace your Garage Door

Replacing your Garage Door can have Insurance Benefits

You probably never even thought of this as a reason for replacing your garage door. Much like the discounts given for your car’s airbags and anti-theft devices, many homeowner insurance policies include discounts for the home security and safety features your new garage door offers. Contact your insurance company to see what discounts they offer to receive the maximum benefit from your new garage door.

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