garage door tune-up

garage door tune-up

Our expert garage repair technicians can help identify and resolve any problems you might be having with your garage door. We can fix cables, springs, rollers, tracks, alignment, sensors, brackets, electric openers, chains and any other hardware associated with your garage door and its operation.

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The Many Parts of a Garage Door that Commonly Needs Fixing or Replacement:

  • Springs – There are extension springs and torsion springs and chances are they will break on you at some point. They commonly break because they’re used so often and are required to balance the weight of the door – at each click of the button or press of the key.
  • Cables or Wire Rope – These are the metal lines that actually attach all the way down to the bottom of the garage door, on either side. If these cables are broken you may have a potentially very dangerous situation on your hands. It is critical that the very thing holding all the weight of the garage door is stable and in good condition and we can help with that.
  • Rollers – The rollers of a garage door allow the door to glide up and down, with little friction. When they get worn it’s best to replace them to ensure extra strain is not put on other parts of the garage door system.
  • The Entire Garage Door Opening System – We have a number of troubleshooting steps for the garage door opening system, in the event those efforts have been exhausted it may come time to install a brand new garage door opener. A garage door opening system’s performance life is around 10 years, if you’re reaching that number it might make sense to replace your current opener, in good efforts to dodge more hassles in the near future.

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