7 Garage Door Problems and How to Handle Them

The garage has become a staple feature of most modern-day homes. Upwards of 84% of single-family American homes have a garage. When a garage door breaks, homeowners deal with the added stress of not knowing if it will be a simple fix or a complete overhaul.  Here is some insight on when to repair, when to replace, and when it is best to get a professional opinion.

When You Need to Replace Your Garage Door

Garage Door Needs Cosmetic Work 

For homeowners looking to up their property value and curb appeal, one of the easiest solutions is to enhance the look of their garage door.  While it may seem like a quick fix to add a fresh coat of paint to their existing door, paint will not cover up the rusting, denting, and warping that comes from the natural wear and tear of an older door.  If this is the case, it is definitely worth it to save the effort and invest in a new garage door.

Garage Door is Damaged

Let’s face it – our garages face a lot of trauma.  This could be from harsh weather conditions, or from a mishap that sends a car right into the garage door.  These dents and tears can be potentially dangerous if they are left in disrepair. The misshaping of the door can cause bends in the actual framework of the tracks and so on.  This is a case where replacing the door is a must in order to prevent ruining the inner workings of the garage itself.

Garage Door Problems

Garage Door Does Not Feel Secure

Feeling safe in your own home is priceless, so it is worth it to go the extra mile to replace your garage door if safety is ever a concern. If you are ever feeling like your garage might be vulnerable to break-ins from critters or burglars, hire a professional to assess which type of door will best help you stay protected from unwanted visitors.

When You Need to Repair Your Garage Door

Garage Door Falls When I Close It

When a garage door seems to “fall,” faulty springs are the most common culprit.  Springs act as the balance beam that holds the weight of the door, so they are put through more tension than most pieces of the unit.  When the springs break, this becomes a potentially dangerous situation that can cause serious damage to the structure and contents of the garage.  Due to these potential risk factors, homeowners should stay out of the garage and park on the street until a certified professional can replace the faulty springs.

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door is Loud

We’ve all experienced how disruptive it is to be in a house that seems to shake whenever the garage door’s motor roars.  While it may seem tempting, there is no reason to tear out the whole unit and start from scratch. This could be a case of basic routine maintenance, such as tightening up a few loose nuts and bolts, or switching out metal rollers for much quieter nylon rollers.

When You Need to Consult a Professional

Garage Itself is Cold

The answer to this could depend on the age of your garage door.  As more and more homeowners are using their garage as an extension of their living space, it is important to treat the door as a fourth wall.  This means ensuring that the garage itself is warm enough to use as a functional, livable area.  For newer garages, keeping this room warm could be a matter of adding extra insulation or weather stripping.  For older garages, however, the better option might be to replace the door with a newer, insulated model.

Garage Door Opener Stopped Working

After all, what’s the point of having a garage door that doesn’t work? This could be a super simple solution, such as changing the batteries in your remote or replacing a faulty receiver.  However, if the door is older it might be time to upgrade to some newer technology.  It would be a better investment to replace a door that is over 10 years old so that it is up-to-date and compatible with some of the newer technology that would come from doing a repair.

When In Doubt, We’ll Help You Out

Jersey Coast Garage Doors takes the guesswork out of garage door maintenance, offering garage door and opener installations, tune-ups, and spring and track repairs and replacements.  Give us a call if you are looking for a professional assistance. Our all-in-one service is available 24/7 for emergency garage door repairs.

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