Garage Door Openers – Which to Choose

Almost all residential garages these days also have garage door openers. Being able to open the door and pull into your garage without getting out of your car is a convenience we that we have become to think of as a necessity.  Once you’ve installed one in your garage, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

If having a garage door opener installed is something you are considering, you are probably concerned about the cost. There are different types, each with their own price point.

Keep in mind, there are other factors besides the cost to consider when deciding which type of garage door opener to purchase. Do a little research and choose the type that’s best for you, not just the one that is the least expensive. It doesn’t help to save money if you are not getting what you need and want!

Garage Door Openers - Which to Choose

Chain-driven Openers

Despite being the oldest type of garage door opener, chain-driven models continue to be a popular choice. With this type, the garage door is pulled open with a chain. They tend to be the most affordable but they can be loud. If your garage is either under or adjacent to a bedroom or home office, a chain-driven model may not be the best choice.

By the same token, some people appreciate that the noise alerts them to the fact that someone is entering the house via the garage. Also if cost is the most important deciding factor, a chain driven model with get the job done and save you money..

Belt-driven Openers

This type of garage door opener is identical to a chain-driven model except that it operates with a rubber belt. If noise is the most important factor, you’ll probably want to consider a belt-driven model. While it is the fastest of the different types of openers, a belt-driven model may not be sufficient for raising a very heavy garage door.

Because they are the quietest opener, they are often the most preferred model for residential use. However, belt-driven openers tend to be the most expensive which gives chain-driven models the edge when it comes to being the most popular.

Garage Door Openers - Which to Choose

Screw-driven Openers

This is probably the happy medium when it comes to garage door openers. They fall somewhere in between the chain-driven and belt-driven models when it comes to noise and cost. The screw-driven opener works with a simple threaded rod. That threaded rod is what the lifting mechanism travels along. Whenever the opener’s motor is engaged, the rod turns which opens and closes the door.

A screw-driven opener is a great option for wider, heavier doors, much like the chain-driven models. While they have never been praised for their blinding speed, screw-driven models tend to require very little maintenance. By a small margin, they are probably the easiest to install if you are thinking about doing it yourself

Installing Garage Door Openers 

The installation of a garage door opener is not extremely difficult. At the same time, the cost of hiring an experienced professional is extremely expensive. Installation does take some time and it requires both carpentry and electrical skills. If you feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can save a little money. However, hiring a pro will be able to complete the installation in considerably less time than you if you have not done this type of task before. What you save in money may be lost in time, and so it is often worth hiring a pro to do the install for you.

Whether you are planning to install your very first garage door opener or are replacing your old one, Jersey Coast Garage Doors can help you choose the best model for your garage and expertly install it for you. We offer a dependable selection of garage door openers to choose from and we have competitive and affordable installation rates, as well as same day service availability. Contact us and we can set you up with a garage door opener that you’ll effortlessly use every day for years to come.


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